“I didn’t let my kids have smartphones until they were 14 years old.” Bill Gates

“I Didn’t Let my Own Kids use Smartphones Until they Turned 14 Years Old, so that they had a Healthy Sleep Routine and Didn’t Stare at Screens”, Bill Gates


In a recent interview, the IT mogul Bill Gates discussed his opinions on the appropriate age for children to begin using cell phones. He added that when his children reached the age of 14, he permitted them to make use of technology like cell phones. The importance of children adhering to a regular sleep pattern and avoiding excessive time spent in front of electronic devices was underlined by Gates.

Bill Gates

Even though Gates’ children are now older, he continues to enforce stringent regulations around the usage of Apple products. This is in part because he competes with Steve Jobs. This indicates that his children are restricted in their use of particular Apple products.

The parenting method that Gates takes is supported by professionals like James P. Steyer, who is the leader of Common Sense Media. When determining whether or not a kid is ready for a smartphone, Steyer feels that the amount of maturity that the youngster possesses is more important than their age.

Before granting their child access to a phone, parents should take into consideration their child’s level of autonomy and responsibility, as suggested by PBS Parents, a reputable source. It is essential to consider whether they are capable of effective time management and have an understanding of the need for online safety.

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