“I Used to Clean Toilets,” says the CEO of $2.2-trillion Nvidia.

‘I Used to Clean Toilets’, $2.2 Trillion Nvidia’s CEO


In a recent interview, the CEO of $ 2.2 trillion tech giant Nvidia talked about an interesting fact from his past. He said that besides doing other things, he used to clean toilets. The CEO made it clear that he was ready to take on any duty by saying that no job was too small for him.

The CEO of one of the most important companies in the world talked about his humble roots, saying that he used to clean toilets and dishes. This news shows how humble and hardworking the CEO is, showing that he isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty. 

 The CEO’s words are a good warning that you can’t be successful if you don’t work hard and keep going. His desire to do any job, no matter what it is, shows how dedicated he is to his job and how committed he is to setting a good example.  


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