iOS 17.4 Is Almost Here, but Don’t Miss These iOS 17.3 Features

Your phone now has additional security features, bug fixes, and more thanks to the iOS update.

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While new emojis and other features will probably be added to iOS 17.4 shortly, the tech giant already gave your iPhone a few new features when it released iOS 17.3 in January. A few of the new features are some significant bug fixes for your iPhone along with a new security setting called Stolen Device Protection.

Navigate to Settings > General > Software Update, choose Install Now, and then follow the on-screen instructions to download the update.

This is what your iPhone will get with iOS 17.3.

Protection Against Stolen Devices

To further safeguard you and your data, Apple’s iOS 17.3 brings Stolen Device Protection to your iPhone.

According to David Lumb of CNET, to access parts of your critical settings and data, like as your Apple ID password, Stolen Device Protection requires you to repeatedly input your biometric authentication, such as Face ID and Touch ID. When you attempt to modify these settings, this feature employs a new method known as Security Delay.

Stolen Device Protection will ask you to input your biometric information, such as your fingerprint or face scan, twice if you try to modify these settings while you’re away from a familiar place, such as your home: once at first and again after an hour. You still need to take precautions to safeguard other information, such as your social media accounts, because Stolen Device Protection only covers a limited number of settings. Although it’s an optional security feature, Apple advises all users to activate it.

A new wallpaper for Unity Bloom

All iPhones running iOS 17.3 will get a new wallpaper named Unity Bloom in observance of Black History Month. According to Apple, the wallpaper will show the outline of flowers that will spring to life with color when the display is switched on.

Finally, collaborative playlists on Apple Music are available.
Apple Music customers may now enjoy collaborative playlists with iOS 17.3. This feature on the music streaming platform lets several users update and manage shared playlists. Additionally, you may respond to a song that someone else adds to a collaborative playlist by using an emoji. In this manner, you may quickly inform someone whether or not you enjoy a song on the playlist.

During WWDC 2023 in June, Apple revealed collaborative playlists on Apple Music. Although it was absent from the final release of iOS 17.2, the functionality was included in some beta versions of the operating system.

The following are the full release notes for iOS 17.3: Concerning This Update

Protection Against Stolen Devices

Stolen Device Protection makes the iPhone and Apple ID more secure by requiring Face ID or Touch ID to unlock some apps and functions without a password fallback.

An hour of waiting, the usage of Face ID or Touch ID, and another successful biometric authentication are required before sensitive operations like altering device passcodes or Apple ID passwords may be completed.

Shut Down the Screen

In honor of Black History Month, a new Unity wallpaper pays tribute to Black history and culture.


With collaboration on playlists, you may add, rearrange, and remove music as well as invite people to join your playlist.

You may add emoji reactions to any song in a group playlist.

The following upgrades are also included in this update:

In certain hotels, AirPlay hotel support allows you to stream media straight to your TV in your room.

Under AppleCare & Warranty in Settings, your coverage for all devices that are signed in with your Apple ID is shown.

Optimizations for crash detection (all iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 models).

Not every location or every Apple device will be able to use every function. Please go to this page for details on the security features included in Apple software updates:

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