iPhone 16 Rumors: Redesigned Camera Module, Action Button

Rumors suggest that Apple is testing a redesigned camera module and action button for the iPhone 16.

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Every day, Cupertino rumors about the iPhone 16 grow. Apple tested three iPhone prototypes in December, according to MacRumors. According to reports, the iPhone 16’s camera hump will be taller but thinner than the iPhone X’s pill-shaped module from 2018.

Apple Testing Vertical Camera for iPhone 16, Like iPhone X

MacRumors reports that Apple’s latest iPhone 16 prototype has a vertical camera setup with a pill-shaped raised top and an offset flash. While the camera lens and flash remain unaltered from previous prototypes, the camera module design has been updated.

The pill-shaped module has two camera rings—one for the wide-angle lens and one for the ultrawide. Apple leaker Majin Bu released X schematics that match the results. He has provided correct information in the past, but his record is poor.

Apple may be testing iPhone X-inspired designs. The iPhone 12 sported a vertical camera configuration with a bigger square-shaped hump for the flash and microphone.

Spatial Video and Action Button May Arrive On Base Model iPhones This Year
Apple may add Spatial Video recording to the iPhone 16 and due to its vertical camera orientation. The functionality is currently only available on the iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, and Vision Pro headset.

Standard iPhone 15s features diagonal cameras that cannot capture spatial video. The Pro versions’ 48-megapixel primary camera and 12 MP ultra-wide camera shoot immersive 3D footage for Apple’s mixed reality headset.

Recent iPhone 16 prototypes imply the Action Button will be on basic versions in addition to the revamped camera module. The updated prototypes have a smaller Action Button and a pressure-sensitive Capture Button flush with the frame.

Apple considered adding a capacitive Action Button to the iPhone 16 but subsequently discarded the concept.

The new Action Button and Camera Button look to be the biggest changes to the iPhone 16 from last year’s iPhone 15 series. The camera bump redesign is mostly cosmetic and impacts the glass backplate.

iPhone 16 Launch May Be Delayed

Apple seldom works on the iPhone’s design this late in the development cycle, which may indicate a supply chain issue that delayed the device’s introduction this year. According to rumors, the prototype designs may be months old.

Since the iPhone 16 is in pre-production, MacRumors cautioned that its sources’ information may be inaccurate. Apple develops iPhones with numerous designs and hardware variants.

As work nears Engineering Validation Testing (EVT), more trustworthy device information will emerge.

The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max may have tetra-prism cameras and be bigger this year, according to other speculations. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro Max can enhance optical zoom from 3x to 5x.

Expect the iPhone 16 series in September 2024.

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