It costs more than you think for Samsung’s first smart ring.

Samsung’s First Smart Ring is More Expensive Than You Think

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The Samsung Galaxy Ring is supposed to be fully revealed on July 10th, but there have been reports about how much it will cost. Based on a tip from Dealabs, the gadget could cost €449 in France, which is about $485, £380, or $720 in Australia.

Compared to competitors like the Oura Ring, which starts at $299, this price is strange. To make up for this higher price, Samsung will probably need to show off features that are better than what the competition has to offer. Also, rumors of a possible monthly service make people worry about how much the Galaxy Ring will cost altogether.

The same report also talks about how much the Ring might cost and how long its battery might last. The leak says the ring will come in three colors: black, silver, and gold. It will also come in nine sizes, from US standard 5 to 13. There are reports that the battery life might depend on the size of the ring, with bigger rings working better.

The leak also gives France a possible release date. After being officially unveiled on July 10 along with two new folding Galaxy phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Fold 6, the Galaxy Ring could be for sale as early as July 19.

There aren’t many details about the membership service, but it’s important to note that other wearables, like Oura, Fitbit, and Apple products, have similar payment plans. With these subscriptions, you can get access to more advanced tools for tracking your health and more in-depth research. It is not clear if the membership fee is included in the reported €449 price for the Galaxy Ring.

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