It is said that Apple and OpenAI are talking again about making an iPhone robot.

According to reports, Apple and OpenAI are again in negotiations to develop an iPhone chatbot.


An update from Bloomberg says that Apple is back in talks with OpenAI, the company that made ChatGPT, about using their technology to power some AI features that will be added to iOS 18. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says that Apple is talking with OpenAI about a “chatbot/search component,” but Apple is also building its big language models to power some iOS 18 features.

Apple is also said to be in talks with Google to get permission to use Gemini, Google’s AI-powered robot, on iOS 18. Apple hasn’t decided which company’s technology to use yet, so those talks are still going on, according to Bloomberg. Things could still go either way. Gurman says Apple may license AI technology from either company or none of them in the end.

Apple has been very quiet about its AI work so far, even though the rest of Silicon Valley has turned into an AI arms race. But it has given enough hints to show that something is cooking. CEO Tim Cook said that Apple is still working on and investing in AI when the company reported its earnings in February. He added that the company is “excited to share the details of our ongoing work in that space later this year.” It said that the “world’s best consumer laptop for AI,” the brand-new M3 MacBook Air that it released last month, will start putting out AI-focused laptops and desktops later this year. Apple also shared a few open-source large language models earlier this week. These are meant to run directly on devices instead of in the cloud.

Apple hasn’t said what the AI features in iPhones and other products will look like yetGenerative AI is still known for being unstable and making up answers all the time. New AI-powered tools like the Humane Ai Pin got bad reviews when they came out, while others like the Rabbit R1 still need to show their worth.

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