It is said that OpenAI is working on a search tool for ChatGPT.

OpenAI is reportedly working on a search feature for ChatGPT


There are rumors that OpenAI is working on a search tool for ChatGPT that could replace Google Search. Bloomberg says that the company is working on the feature, which will search the web for answers to your questions and return results with links to their sources. When you ask ChatGPT a question, it could use information from Wikipedia or blog posts and link to the source sites.

Bloomberg says in one test version of the search feature, ChatGPT can show you pictures along with its written answers when they make sense. For instance, if the robot thinks that pictures or images would help with a question like “how to change a doorknob” or “how to clean a split-type AC,” it could add them to its answers. Bloomberg says that ChatGPT can already do searches for people who pay for them, but it might give bad answers or answers with wrong sources.

DataChaz on Twitter/X before this month said that OpenAI had created a unique subdomain with the address It seems to have quickly gone to the main ChatGPT page over the weekend, but if you try to reach it now, you’ll get a “Not found” message. The company hasn’t confirmed this project yet, but working on AI search seems like the next step it should take to stay competitive with its biggest foes. Google recently grew its test of AI-powered search results and started showing them to people who didn’t ask for them. Then there’s Perplexity, a company that’s worth $1 billion right now because of its AI-powered search engine, which Rabbit uses to answer questions asked through the R1 device.

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