It’s said that Google and Apple are speaking. Could the iPhone get Gemini?

Apple's iPhones might be up for some new AI.

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There is a possibility that Apple’s iPhones may soon be outfitted with some new features related to artificial intelligence. This possibility is enabled by Google.

According to a recent article that was published by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple is apparently in conversations with Google about bringing the company’s artificial intelligence engine Gemini to the iPhone. These discussions are purportedly taking place.

The most powerful large language artificial intelligence model that Google has developed to this point is called Gemini. In December of the previous year, it was shown to the public, and when February of this year rolled around, it was promoted to the position of Google Bard. It is now Google’s most major and ambitious artificial intelligence project that is exposed to the public, and this is even though it had some severe flaws in the beginning, such as making some pictures that turned out to be rather terrifying and incorrect in terms of history.

Gemini may be utilized to power some new features that will be accessible on the iPhone this year; however, specifics are not yet known. This is a possibility in the case that the collaboration between the two companies is successful.

Moreover, the report states that Google had conversations with OpenAI, the business that is responsible for ChatGPT, about matters of a similar kind; nevertheless, at this point, nothing can be considered conclusive.

The fact that Google (or ChatGPT, if you prefer) would have easier access to billions of iPhone users if the deal were to go through would be excellent news for Google (or ChatGPT, if you prefer). Apple, on the other hand, appears to be sliding behind its competitors in terms of artificial intelligence (the company’s enormous language model, which is referred to as Ajax, is rumored to be not as powerful as Gemini or ChatGPT). As Apple looks to be sliding behind other firms in its industry, this may be interpreted as a sign of defeat for the company.

An earlier report from Gurman indicates that Apple has big goals for its iOS 18 mobile platform, which is anticipated to be unveiled in June of this year during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). Gurman’s report was based on the fact that Apple has these goals. In these designs, there are plans to incorporate new elements that are specifically designed to cater to artificial intelligence. If the deal between Apple and Google is concluded, the most recent source states that it is extremely unlikely that it would be made public before the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

In the Galaxy S24 family of smartphones, which are driven by technology provided by Google, Samsung has lately launched various artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. These features are fueled by technological advancements. Pixel phones, which are manufactured by Google, are equipped with a wide range of capabilities that are powered by artificial intelligence.

There is a collaboration between Google and Apple that is now in effect, and as part of that partnership, Google Search is the default search engine for the iPhone. Both companies have put themselves into trouble with the authorities as a result of their actions, and the authorities may take more action in the case that the deal on artificial intelligence is finalized.

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