Japan built the first wooden satellite in the world.

World’s First Wooden Satellite Built by Japan Researchers


The world’s first wooden satellite was made by experts in Japan. It will be launched on a SpaceX rocket in September.

The LignoSat trial satellite is 10 centimeters across on all sides. It was made to help lessen the damage that old satellites do to the earth.

When metal satellites burn up when they come back to Earth, they can release dangerous particles into the air. The wooden parts used in LignoSat, on the other hand, should burn up fully, stopping these emissions.

The LignoSat was made by Kyoto University and Sumitomo Forestry working together. They picked wood instead of metal because it is better for the environment. The project’s goal is to show that bringing wood into space can be useful and good for the earth.

Takao Doi, an astronaut, likes the idea of making satellites out of things other than metal. He thinks that satellites made of wood might become more common over time. LignoSat will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) after it is launched. The experts will get information from that place about how well the wooden satellite does in space.

Researchers want to learn more about how wooden materials could be used in space missions by looking at LignoSat. They want to find out how the wood reacts to the hard conditions of space, like radiation and very high temperatures. This knowledge could help make satellite systems that last longer and cut down on space junk.

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