Maker of ChatGPT OpenAI introduces the GPT Store and a team subscription tier.

You can now create and share custom versions of the viral chatbot.

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OpenAI has launched a new ChatGPT membership option for smaller teams in addition to its marketplace for bespoke GPTs. Developers and consumers may share and make money from their customized versions of the popular chatbot by using the GPT Store. In contrast, the ChatGPT Team supports lengthier inquiries and offers data security for $25 to $30 per user every month.

Through the GPT Store, OpenAI may convert ChatGPT’s explosive rise in the tech industry into a tollkeeper business model, taking a percentage of sales similar to what happens in Apple’s App Store. It is not necessary to know how to code to create and share GPTs; however, those who do so must create a Builder Profile that contains their true identity or directs visitors to an official website.

A revenue scheme for GPT authors is anticipated in Q1, according to OpenAI. The business stated, “As a first step, US builders will be paid based on user engagement with their GPTs,” and promised to release further details as the program’s debut date drew near. The GPT founders will have to make do with riding the hype wave for the time being and hoping the terms are appealing.

Team ChatGPT
In contrast to ChatGPT Enterprise, which debuted in August, there are no calls with the company’s sales team or thousands of dollars needed to use the Team tier. Alternatively, anyone with an Enterprise or ChatGPT Plus subscription can sign up for $30 (paid monthly) or $25 (billed yearly) every month.

For lengthier inquiries, the ChatGPT Team provides access to GPT-4 with a bigger (32,000-token) context frame. Higher message caps are also available to subscribers, and OpenAI claims not to use ChatGPT Team users’ data or discussions to train its models, much like it does with the Enterprise tier.

Additionally, a “secure workspace” with an admin panel for seat management is offered by the Team tier. Custom GPTs may be made and shared internally by team members participating in the plan. OpenAI concludes by hinting that users of the ChatGPT Team will have “early access to new features and improvements.”

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