Maryland Apple Store employees have decided to go on strike.

The group says that the company isn't having honest talks.


In Towson, Maryland, the first Apple Store to join a union has now given the go-ahead for the first strike against the retail giant. Following what the union described as “over a year of negotiations with Apple management that yielded unsatisfactory outcomes,” the IAM CORE retail group (IAM) announced in a press statement.

About 100 workers at the Maryland store in a Baltimore mall joined a union in 2022, making it the first Apple Store to do so. After the vote over the weekend, workers can walk off at any time, but no date has been set yet.

In 25 areas, both sides have agreed on the basics, but other important issues are still open. “The problems at the forefront of this movement include worries over work-life balance, erratic scheduling practices disrupting private lives, and wages failing to align with the region’s cost of living,” the union said.

“We care about our employees, and we’re proud to present them the best pay and help in the business.” Apple said in a report, “As always, we will treat the union that represents our team in Towson with respect and in good faith.”

The union had earlier said that Apple was breaking the law by not giving workers at the Towson Store new benefits like health insurance and other perks. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) said that Apple broke federal law by holding talks in Atlanta that were against unions last year. Additionally, a judge in New York told Apple to stop violating the rights of its employees.

The union says that Apple and IAM CORE will again meet to talk on May 21. The union said in a report, “Today’s vote is the first step in showing our unity and sends a clear message to Apple.” “As talks with Apple managing continue, we remain determined to secure tangible gains that benefit all employees.”

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