Microsoft claims that Xbox and Teams are repaired in the UK and Europe.

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Microsoft has said that issues with users being able to access the XBox game platform and Teams communications software in the UK and Europe have been fixed.

Over 1,500 individuals in the United Kingdom reported experiencing problems with Teams, according per the outage tracker Downdetector.

A comparable amount also reported issues with Xbox Live.

Some people who purchased the most recent Call of Duty game, which was published on Friday, were unable to pay for it, but Microsoft claims that the issue has been resolved.

Microsoft warned on X, the former Twitter, that “an artificial increase in synthetic network traffic” was affecting the services.

“We’ve made configuration changes to remediate impact and after monitoring the service, we’ve confirmed the issue is now resolved,” it said.

Prior to this, the business claimed to have “identified some anomalies within our network infrastructure”.

Microsoft had earlier on Friday claimed that the issue was exclusive to users in the UK and Germany, however on social media, users in Sweden and Poland reported experiencing service outages.

Both of these nations, along with other European nations like Finland and Switzerland, had reports on DownDetector.

The last time Microsoft experienced disruptions was in January, when tens of thousands of users filed complaints.

launch of Call of Duty
Microsoft released the newest game in its Call of Duty franchise on Friday, thus the issue came to light at a horrible time for the company.

It indicates that some buyers of a digital version of Modern Warfare 3 for £69.99 had trouble logging in and downloading the game.

The largest deal in gaming history was reached by Microsoft in October when it paid $69 billion (£56 billion) to acquire Activision Blizzard, the company that makes Call of Duty.

concerns with server connections and login credentials were identified in reports on DownDetector as possible platform-affecting concerns.

“I can’t get into any games. Shortly before 10 a.m. on Friday, a UK customer complained to Xbox’s support account on X, saying they were “being told ‘the person who bought this needs to sign in’ and nothing is working.”

Other users had also been receiving this notification on their accounts, according to data from Google Trends.

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