Microsoft warns more customers about email theft as the Midnight Blizzard hack grows.

Shockwaves from the Russian government’s hack of Microsoft’s corporate infrastructure continue to spread as the victim pool widens.


The Russian government’s hack of Microsoft’s corporate infrastructure has had far-reaching effects, with the revelation that customers’ emails were also stolen by the Midnight Blizzard hackers.

Microsoft’s incident response team is now providing a secure portal for customers to view the specifics of the stolen emails.

The company has stated that they are proactively sharing the emails as part of their commitment to transparency and have custom-built a secure system for approved members of affected organizations to review the exfiltrated emails.

Microsoft has also warned that the Midnight Blizzard hacking group is still attempting to use the stolen information for additional attacks. The incident has had a broader impact on the company’s customer base, with surprised customers confirming the hack’s reach through social media.


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