On the iPhone 13 and 14, iOS 17.2 will support Qi2, next-generation wireless charging.

Qi2 chargers will match the 15W output of MagSafe-certified devices.

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It turns out that Cupertino has more up its sleeve than only Qi2 support on the iPhone 15, which has shocked us. Apple often plays it safe when it comes to new standards.

The release notes for iOS 17.2 RC (release candidate), which were discovered by 9to5Mac and a few users, mention that this version adds “Qi2 charger support for all iPhone 13 models and iPhone 14 models.” The release notes did not clarify the power specifications, but this suggests that the aforementioned iPhone models should handle up to 15W of wireless charging when using Qi2-certified chargers. We’ll be able to learn more when iOS 17.2 becomes available to everyone, which should happen in a few days.

Up until recently, only MagSafe-certified chargers could provide 15W of input on certain iPhone models; the cheaper MagSafe-compatible chargers could only provide 7.5W. Due to Qi2’s comparable performance, manufacturers won’t have to pay Apple’s premium for MagSafe certification, giving consumers more inexpensive options for 15W wireless chargers.

The primary feature of Qi2, which was initially unveiled at CES 2023, is its wireless fast charging standard that is similar to MagSafe and works with Android devices as well. This takes advantage of the “Magnetic Power Profile” to guarantee charger and phone compatibility. According to the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium), future versions will “significantly” boost charging levels above the present ceiling of 15W. We’ve been informed that a ton of Qi2-compatible accessories, including those from Anker, should arrive by the holidays, and I do not doubt that the topic will be discussed at CES 2024 the following month.

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