Owners of Samsung devices find a hidden code that uses a clever “calibration” technique to quickly extend battery life.

Owners of Samsung devices have uncovered a hidden code that automatically extends the battery life of their devices using a clever "calibration" technique.

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A tech expert claims that Samsung smartphone owners may rapidly double the capacity of their battery by punching in a secret code.

The code was shared by Prince Tech Official on TikTok. According to him, it can “save” the battery life of a Samsung mobile in a matter of seconds.

*#9900# is the “magic” code that Prince Tech refers to.

You must dial this code within the app where you would normally enter your phone number.

After dialing, you will be prompted to access the SysDump, an advanced menu.

You need to navigate to the “Batterystats Reset” tab inside the menu.

A pop-up notification stating, “Batterystats Reset done,” will show up at the bottom of your screen if you select that tab.

Your Android battery gets re-calibrated when you press the Batterystats Reset button.

This should be done every few months to maintain the health of your phone’s battery.

Any device’s battery will eventually degrade with continued use, leaving it with less capacity than when it was first purchased.

Android, on the other hand, ignores this deterioration, which causes your device’s battery level measurements to be off.

If there’s a discrepancy between the real battery capacity and the percentage displayed on your phone, it might lead to an early battery death.

However, you may compel the Android operating system to take this deterioration into account and correct the displayed battery % by calibrating the battery using the Batterystats Reset button.

Although battery calibration won’t directly extend the life of your phone’s battery, it will assist avoid unplanned phone shutdowns during the day or a sharp drop at about 10% battery life.

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