Ray-Bans with AI let you live stream and look at the world around you.

AI-fueled Ray Bans let you live stream and analyze the world around you


Ray-Ban and Meta worked together to show off a pair of sunglasses that are smart enough to scan the world around a person as they walk down the street, among other things.

The shades came out last fall and cost between $300 and $500. They come in many colors. The Wall Street Journal just named them the best high-tech AI tool to buy.

“Not only are Meta’s AI tools fun and dedicated, but the built-in cameras on the glasses make it more comfortable for me to take photos and videos while I play with my children,” wrote tech writer Joanna Stern.

The glasses that are connected to your phone also let you make calls, listen to music, and even live stream if you need to or want to.

There are small but powerful speakers on the back of the glasses that let you hear and talk to the glasses’ AI helper. The glasses also come with a case that can be charged.

Stern tried the sunglasses and the small cameras on the tips of the glasses at a pet adoption center in New York City. She said that it could tell the difference between dog kinds.

The Meta assistant told me that a Great Dane puppy needs high-quality large-breed dog food that is high in protein, low in fat, and full of the right vitamins and minerals when I looked at him and asked what I should feed him.

Besides the Meta Ray-Bans, Stern also talked about two other hot pieces of virtual helper tech on the market.

One was the Rabbit R1, a $200 AI device that looks like a mix between a Palm Pilot and an iPod. The other was the $700 Humane AI Pin, an AI personal helper that can be attached to clothes and has a camera.

Stern didn’t like either one, but the glasses “did a better job with contextual answers, too.”

If I asked the Rabbit to play Taylor Swift’s newest record, it played a song from 18 years ago instead! Also, it can take so long to get a response from Humane and Rabbit that there should be music while you wait.

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