Samsung Developing AI-Powered Camera Sensor

According to reports, Samsung is working on a camera sensor that will have an artificial intelligence processor built in.

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New artificial intelligence capabilities are going to be included in the next Galaxy S24 series from Samsung. The technology giant, on the other hand, is reportedly working on integrating artificial intelligence capabilities directly into the photo sensors of potential future smartphones, as stated in a recent article published by Business Korea.

Following in the footsteps of the Japanese powerhouse Sony, Samsung is the leading smartphone camera sensor producer in the world.

Even if the news outlet did not provide a great deal of information on the sensor, it seems to imply that the Korean multinational corporation intends to dethrone its primary competitor in the camera field with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Using a new image sensor that is powered by artificial intelligence, Samsung and SK Hynix intend to steal Sony’s lunch.

At the beginning of this year, Samsung presented the most recent iteration of their 200-megapixel camera sensor, which was incorporated into the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones. As a follow-up, the business revealed a camera technology called “Zoom Anywhere,” which is driven by artificial intelligence. That allows for the simultaneous recording of 4K video of the entire frame as well as a zoomed-in portion of the same frame, together with automated object tracking technology.

It has been reported by Business Korea that Samsung intends to include a wide range of artificial intelligence capabilities in its camera sensors. In the long run, the technology company intends to build sensors that are capable of imitating the vision of the human eye and even capturing items that are invisible to humans.

During the System LSI Tech Day 2023 event that took place in Silicon Valley in October, Park Yong-in, the president of the company’s semiconductor division, underlined the importance of mastering generative artificial intelligence, high-performance algorithms and technologies, and long-range connectivity solutions.

The company SK Hynix contends that their artificial intelligence-powered camera chip is capable of processing image data at a sensor level, in contrast to previous systems that rely on the primary processor of the phone to calculate the data that is received from the camera. A proof-of-concept process for facial and object identification is now being carried out by the business, which also mentioned that it will incorporate an accelerator driven by artificial intelligence inside the image sensor.

“Humanoid” Artificial Intelligence Image Sensor Is Going to Be Revealed By Samsung.
A great number of smartphone manufacturers have experimented with the incorporation of sensors into their cameras, which are capable of capturing visual signals that are not discernible to the naked eye. Huawei attempted to do this by utilizing a sensor that, when combined with a standard camera, was capable of capturing fluorescent photographs.

The 8Pro smartphone, which was produced by OnePlus in the year 2020, included a color filter camera that involved a contentious inclusion of unidentified X-ray vision capabilities. Users can see through some articles of clothing because of this feature.

Additionally, Samsung is working on what is being referred to as “humanoid sensors,” which have the potential to match the resolution of the human eye, which is estimated to be between 500 and 600 megapixels. The image sensor is scheduled to be included in the company’s flagship handsets in the year 2027.

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