Samsung passes Apple to become the biggest smartphone maker in the world.

Samsung beat out Apple to become the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.

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Even though it is less a question of popularity and more a matter of release cycles, Samsung has once again acquired the position of being the most successful smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Apple’s smartphone sales topped those of all other brands throughout the world in September of 2023, and a subsequent examination of the full year highlighted the fact that the company had maintained its position as the market leader during the entire year. Apple has attained a degree of success that is equivalent to that of other companies in some regions, such as Europe.

On the other hand, the Korea Times asserts that the positions are no longer available in the labor market. According to the information provided in the article, Samsung was successful in achieving a twenty percent market share in February of 2024.

Apple had managed to achieve a total of 18% throughout that month. Apple sold 17.41 million iPhones, while Samsung sold 19.69 million devices throughout its entire range at retail prices as low as $80. Additionally, Samsung sold 19.69 million handsets. Apple has sold 17.41 million iPhones, which matches this number.

Apple and Samsung are not in a position to properly assert that they are the most successful companies in the whole globe. Even though it is not the same as if the two locations were switched according to a timetable, it is quite close to being the same as that.

Is it possible that the introduction of the iPhone 15 series will have been the catalyst for Apple to achieve the highest position in the market in September of 2023? This achievement for Samsung may be ascribed to the fact that the most current Galaxy S24 models were made available for purchase by the firm in February.

According to a report that was published in the Korea Times, there have been 6.53 million different Galaxy S24s sold up to this point.

In the years that followed, Samsung is said to have expanded its market share in the United States from twenty percent to thirty-six percent, as stated by information revealed in January 2024. While this was going on, Apple’s market share dropped from 64 percent to 48 percent throughout the cycle that followed the holiday season and the debut of the product.

There is a possibility that the ascent of Apple for the year 2023 will be of greater significance. Samsung often maintains a competitive advantage over Apple throughout the whole year. This is mostly because Samsung has a wider selection of smartphone models that can be purchased at several pricing points.

On the other side, sales of smartphones have been declining all around the world, particularly in China. This trend has been notable. According to the most current figures from March 2024, Apple remains at the top of the leaderboard in Japan, even though the market in Japan has seen a downturn.

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