Samsung releases an AI keyboard to generate flawless sentences.

Samsung introduces an AI keyboard that can produce perfect phrases.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to make its way into unexpected aspects of our lives. As a result, some people are seeing it in the workplace, which is feeding solutions for project management. On the other hand, some people are detecting it when they are browsing the internet in the convenience of their own homes, employing generative AI capabilities.

Companies such as Google and Microsoft are continuing to develop goods and services that are based on artificial intelligence (AI) as the industry continues to expand. However, these companies are not the only ones working on AI; Samsung is also working on it. The most recent upgrade to One UI may include the technology into the Samsung Keyboard, according to speculations that have been circulating recently.

A message that was published on Twitter by @TechDroider indicates that One UI 6.1 will have a new function for the Samsung Keyboard that is based on artificial intelligence. You may soon have the ability to use artificial intelligence to change the tone of text. This feature is called “Change tone.” To give you an example, you may activate the option after you have typed a phrase to obtain ideas on how to modify what you have generated. Your writing may be made to seem more casual, humorous, courteous, or any number of other ways by selecting “Change tone” from the menu. There is a possibility that the function that is powered by AI can potentially translate text for you. There is currently no formal schedule that has been established to determine when the “Change tone” feature could be implemented across all Samsung devices.

Even though Samsung is now working on its artificial intelligence initiatives, Google has been instrumental in paving the road for consumer-facing AI goods and services. Many people are aware of the intelligent recommendations that appeared in Gmail; nevertheless, the firm has significantly extended its artificial intelligence efforts since the function was first introduced.

Companies such as Google are making artificial intelligence (AI) services and products more available to the general public, even if you have not yet begun using them. There are methods to utilize these technologies responsibly, even though there are continuing to be more and more concerns over the ethics of material created by artificial intelligence, particularly about images and language. The companies that are responsible for artificial intelligence are likewise attempting to generate more openness regarding the final products. Artificial intelligence (AI) appears to have a promising future, but there is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty: it is not going away any time soon.

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