Samsung to Present Galaxy S24 Series with AI-Powered Features on January 17

On January 17, Samsung is going to reveal the Galaxy S24 series, which will have features powered by artificial intelligence.

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Samsung has announced that it will unveil its newest Galaxy phones during a press conference on January 17 in San Jose, California. This action is a component of Samsung’s plan, according to Counterpoint Research, to hold onto its 20% worldwide smartphone market share and overtake Apple’s 16% share. With a 25% market share in the United States, Samsung lags behind Apple’s 53% lead.

The Korean tech giant teased an “all-new mobile experience powered by AI” for its forthcoming products, however, no specifics have been revealed. Samsung is competing more fiercely with Apple because it wants to offer features that are unique to its products in the hopes of drawing in more users.

Samsung usually uses Qualcomm CPUs in its smartphones sold in the United States, and it is anticipated that the next Galaxy S24 series will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 chips for Android phones. Qualcomm said in October that phones powered by its latest Snapdragon CPUs can run AI apps that are generative right on the phone. This feature ensures improved privacy for on-device AI interactions and makes it easier to run scaled-down versions of apps like ChatGPT offline.

Additionally, Qualcomm showcased the processor’s ability to produce graphics based on text input—a function that is similar to Google’s Tensor G3 chip included in the Pixel 8 Pro. Google’s Gemini Nano AI model is included inside the Pixel 8 Pro, allowing it to do tasks including text message reply generation, transcription of recorded conversations, and personalized phone wallpaper creation based on chosen phrases.

With on-device AI apps providing enhanced privacy, efficiency, and innovative features, the convergence of AI and smartphones is continuing to transform user experiences. Samsung made a calculated decision to set itself apart from rivals and improve the user interface by emphasizing an AI-powered mobile experience.

The upcoming Galaxy S24 series—likely dubbed the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra—aims to highlight state-of-the-art hardware and provide a distinctive software experience, potentially setting new standards in the fiercely competitive smartphone market as Samsung and Apple’s rivalry heats up. The January 17 presentation will shed light on Samsung’s AI integration strategy and how it intends to use the newest Snapdragon technology from Qualcomm to maintain its innovative edge.

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