Saudi Arabia will test flying taxis and drones during the Hajj season.

During the Hajj season, Saudi Arabia will test flying taxis and drones.


Saudi Arabia is going to offer new ways for people to travel during the upcoming Hajj season. This was revealed by Saudi Transport Minister Saleh Al-Jasser. In addition to buses and trains, pilgrims will now be able to use flying cars and drones as well. This is a big improvement in the transportation services for the holy journey.

With these cutting-edge transportation options, the general journey experience for pilgrims should be better by being more convenient and quick. Pilgrims will have more options for planning and carrying out their trips if they use taxi apps and other tech-based platforms.

Adding flying cars and drones to the Hajj transportation network builds on work that has already been donePlans were made last year to try flying cabs during the Hajj season. Those plans are now coming true. Saudi Arabian Airlines is leading the way in this effort, and they plan to use about 100 planes to help travelers get where they need to go.

The Lilium jet is one of the most important new vehicles. It will allow quick, on-demand trips between important travel sites like Jeddah and Makkah. These short-haul planes should make it easier for pilgrims to plan their trips and cut down on the time they have to wait in line, making the Hajj experience faster and more efficient.

Overall, adding flying cars, drones, and other modern ways to get around shows that Saudi Arabia is serious about making the Hajj trip journey better. The Kingdom wants to meet the changing needs of visitors while keeping the holy and important nature of this journey by using new technologies and building up transportation systems.

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