‘Significantly slimmer’ iPhone is reportedly something Apple is working on.

The Plus model may be replaced in 2025 by a more costly and slim version.


In the same way that Apple made the new iPad Pro thinner, the iPhone may also become thinner. The Information says that the company is working on a “significantly thinner” device that might come out with the iPhone 17 range instead of a Plus model.

Few people have said that this model is as big of a step forward in design language for the company as the iPhone X. It’s said that Apple is still considering several design choices, such as a metal chassis, but hasn’t decided on one yet. A better front-facing camera and Face ID sensors could be put in a smaller pill-shaped hole, and the back camera array could be moved to the middle of the phone. This would make it less likely that you would accidentally cover the lenses with your fingers. The screen size will likely be between 6.12 and 6.69 inches, which is the same range as the present base iPhone and the iPhone Pro Max.

If that sounds interesting to you, keep in mind that the iPhone that has been cut down might cost more than the iPhone Pro Max, which starts at $1,200. You’ll have time to save for it, though.

This smaller model might take the place of the iPhone Plus in the line-up. The story says there will be an iPhone 16 Plus, but that might be the last one of that size because Apple hasn’t been able to meet its sales goals. It is said that this year’s iPhones will focus more on AI improvements than big design changes. However, there may be a new touch-sensitive button on the side for better camera control.


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