Sites you’ll wish you discovered sooner

Websites you’ll wish you knew about sooner


Decided to give you a list of some useful websites. You’ll likely find at least a few places that you have to see. One more thing: none of them are ads.


It’s great to have this tool if you buy things on Amazon. Price data is shown for each item, and you can set alerts for when prices drop for your things.


Futurepedia has a huge collection of AI tools that you can look through if you’re interested in AI but don’t know where to begin. It’s good whether you want to play around or find something nice for your business.

Radio Garden

Radio Garden has an animated map that lets you listen to live radio stations from all over the world. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you love the radio like I do.

Google Arts And Culture

Google Culture and the Arts: Places: Choose a country or city to look at high-resolution pictures and art from that place’s museums. You can even take a video tour of museum collections. This is something I like to do before I go see them in person.


People all over the world have helped make PlugShare, a map of EV and Tesla charge sites. If you put in where you want to go and where you want to start, the site will map out your plan and show you all the charging spots that are on the way.


This browser add-on automatically adds coupon codes and sends price drop alerts to help you save money while you shop. People save about $126 a year on the site that is owned by PayPal. It’s something I use all the time.


You can send stories, X threads, and emails (like mine!) directly to your Kindle, so you can use them for more than just books.

You can use CampScanner, CampFare, and Want to camp in a spot that’s already full? All of these sites will let you know when someone drops their ticket, so you can take it. Soon you’ll be sleeping outside.

Senior Living

This huge list of deals for seniors can help you find places to save money, like grocery stores, bars, and more. Check out this list before you turn 65; some of the deals begin when you turn 50.


Have you ever thought about what channels you can still watch if you stop your streaming service? This page tells you about all the free TV stations in your area. It’s dozens in some places!

Ultimate Book List

The Complete Book List: This huge list of books that famous people think you should read gives you a new way to choose your next book. Check out the picks from businesspeople like Elon Musk, singers like Taylor Swift, and writers like Gretchen Rubin.


Small business owners who want to get ideas for marketing, listen up! You can look through hundreds of examples of landing pages, lead magnets, and other types of material that work well.


Fans and coolers: Do you need a color plan for something? Press the space bar and click “Start the Generator” on the home page to get a new color scheme. Plus, they all look good.

Perplexity AI

A lot of the time, Perplexity AI is better than ChatGPT. Poe AI has also been used by me. PSA: Before you pay a regular fee for a robot, make sure you like it. Most of the time, I wait six weeks to see if it’s worth the money.

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