Social networking platform X goes down globally.

On a worldwide scale, social media platform X experiences outages.

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For a little more than an hour on Thursday, the social media website X, which was formerly known as Twitter, had problems all over the world. These disruptions occurred all over the world.

The website, which monitors outages by compiling status reports, indicated that more than 47,000 customers in the United States experienced difficulties gaining access to X and X Pro.

Additionally, there were users in the United Kingdom and Asia who were unable to access messages on the website that had a notice that said “Welcome to Site X!”

It has been requested that X, which is owned by Elon Musk, provide a statement. Last year, Mr. Musk paid $44 billion (£35 billion) to acquire Twitter.

Within a few minutes of the news of the outages becoming public, the hashtag #TwitterDown began to trend on online platforms.

However, the downtime was very temporary, and customers were able to regain access to the site after a little more than an hour had passed.

Since Mr. Musk purchased the site, it has been seeing a decline in the amount of money it receives from advertisements.

Additionally, he has been accused of permitting antisemitic messages to be placed next to advertisements.

The corporation has subsequently filed a lawsuit against Media Matters for America, a lobbying group with a left-leaning ideology that was the source of the claim.

During the previous month, Elon Musk expressed his disapproval of sponsors that quit X, stating that they would ruin the social networking platform.

Additionally, the corporation has been accused of spreading disinformation, and the European Union has made a public announcement that it accuses X of violating its laws in a variety of areas, including the prevention of unlawful material and the dissemination of malicious information.

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