Soon there will be a big update for WhatsApp that will make it easier to find your chats – How to do it

New filters highlight unread messages and group chats

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A big WhatsApp update will soon make it easier to find your chats – here’s how

Through the addition of four new filters to the inbox features of WhatsApp, Meta is making it far simpler to identify chatrooms on the messaging app. At first glance, this may appear to be a quite little and unimportant change. At the end of the day, there are already filters available on the platform; how much more can be of assistance? In this particular scenario, each one will assist you in navigating through the mess that is present in an active WhatsApp inbox.

As Meta points out, the new capabilities will make the formerly laborious task of “finding the right conversation” much more expedient and straightforward. This is especially true as Meta continues to add new features and the app continues to get more bloated over time.

While you are on the WhatsApp home page, these filters will appear as bubbles that are located above the conversation list. The “All” setting is the default selection, which allows you to browse an inbox without any filters being applied. All of your unread messages are highlighted by the “Unread” option. The right side of the screen will display an indicator next to any chats that have not yet received a response from the user.

Groups, which was reportedly a “highly requested feature,” is one of the features available. By doing so, you will be able to view all of the group conversations that you are now participating in. Furthermore, active talks from Community subgroups will also be filtered out and shown under the filter.

Last but not least, there is “Contacts.” The X article does not provide any explanation of the functionality of this filter; nevertheless, it was included in a previous WhatsApp beta months ago. According to the coverage provided by WA Beta Info, the Contacts filter enables you to locate messages sent by individuals on your contact list while also preventing spam emails sent from unknown numbers.

Chat Filters is a new method to arrange your conversations filter by Unread, Contacts, Groups, or All pic. We are excited to introduce this fresh feature. of April 2024

Updates that could be forthcoming

The patch is presently being rolled out, and it is expected to be accessible to all users within the next few weeks specifically on mobile devices. There has been no indication of whether or not it will be included in the desktop version of WhatsApp.

More filters could be on the way shortly. There are indications that Meta was working on a Favorites filter for friends or family members with whom you often engage back in February 2024, according to hints that were discovered in an older beta version of WhatsApp. There is also the possibility that users may be given the power to create personalized tags that are tailored to “their preferences.” Both of these are things that WhatsApp users should look forward to, although it is not known whether one of them is still in the process of being developed.

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