Students are prepared to combat cyberthreats by MTN Ghana.

Pupils are ready to defend themselves from MTN Ghana's cyberattacks.

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The proposal, “Social media platforms should implement stricter security and privacy controls because users are incapable of protecting themselves online,” will be debated by MTN Ghana’s pupils at Osu Presbyterian Senior School.

As part of Cybersecurity Awareness Month this year, the initiative is an extension of MTN’s dedication to cybersecurity education and awareness.

Students who supported and opposed the motion discussed cybersecurity and the necessity for people to embrace the topic in order to protect their online safety in a dynamic environment. The motion’s supporters, the students, prevailed in the argument.

Bernice Badu-Marfoh, Analyst, Enterprise Information Security at MTN Ghana, gave the students a quick presentation on social media presence management after the discussion. She spoke briefly about the following topics:

• Reputation: publish nothing that you wouldn’t want your family, friends, or potential employers to see.
• Bullying: report to someone if you believe that you or others are being the target of cyberbullying.
• Manners: treat others with kindness and respect at all times.
Talk: discuss your internet activities with your parents. If you are unsure about any online behavior or need assistance, ask an adult you can trust.
• Accounts: Register for accounts only on reliable websites. Make sure your passwords are secure, and don’t divulge them to anybody.
• Privacy: Preserve the privacy of your personal data.
• Unplug: Take breaks from your screens. Go for a stroll, read a book, or take a rest.

Senior Manager for Enterprise Information Security and Governance at MTN Ghana, Jacqueline Hanson-Kotei, spoke at the event and stated, “Today’s digital landscape is rife with all manner of threats such as malware, phishing attacks, data breaches, and ransomware.” Being aware of cybersecurity dangers gives us the information and abilities to identify and counter them. We are delighted to speak with the kids here and to listen to their perspectives on cybersecurity.

“MTN is dedicated to empowering people to take charge of their digital engagement in order to achieve significant growth for all, as we firmly believe that everyone deserves to benefit from a contemporary, connected world. She said, “One of the most important areas for this is education.

October is set aside as a time for collaboration between the public and business sectors to increase awareness of the value of cybersecurity. MTN Ghana has proposed a number of initiatives to improve cybersecurity education around the nation. Currently, there are several public engagements taking place all throughout the nation.

More than five hundred kids took part in the event. MTN Ghana staff members and Osu Presby Senior High School administrators were present.

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