American Culture and Technology in the Present Era

Technology and Culture in Today's America: A Concise Essay

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Our culture is significantly impacted by this. There are already visible effects of technological usage (and, in many cases, reliance). Nowadays, no youngster is seen without a smart phone, instant messaging software, or social media. They may communicate instantly and whenever they want with all of their friends and family thanks to these technologies. The previous generations were not given the choice.

Influences of technology on culture

America’s culture has definitely been impacted by technology. Boom boxes and loud music were formerly considered to be “cool” things to listen to. The Sony Walkman followed, and then other gadgets that gradually took over American schools and kids’ lives. The Internet, particularly social networking, has perhaps contributed the most to our society today. Today, anyone can become famous, and a single tweet or like may reach millions of people. Social media platforms have made it possible for minorities to be heard and even assisted in the spread of extreme left- and/or right-wing views. Additionally, everyone’s life have been invaded by memes and other embarrassing, humorous, or sarcastic messages and trends.

Impacts of Technology

Even while technology has improved the world, all technological advancements have drawbacks. Every coin has two sides to it. American obesity is mostly a result of modern conveniences. American consumers are pursuing an ever-more sedentary lifestyle thanks to computers, television, and other electronic sources of entertainment. The bond that contemporary people have with nature is likewise eroding. According to research, fewer and fewer individuals now spend their leisure time outdoors of man-made structures. This has caused a detachment with nature and the natural world, and in some cases, a distaste for it.

The difficulties that could develop if you become overly reliant on technology is another effect of technology. You are left without functional technology to go through the rest of the day if the system is hacked or the power is cut off. It would be complete mayhem in contemporary America if something like this were to happen on a broad scale. The loss of electricity and the internet would only be readily endured by people who still know how to live simple lives without modern technology.

Final Reflections

Even with the risks, a world without technology would be archaic and maybe depressing. Without technology, neither humans nor any type of economic development could potentially maintain the current population levels. People could become eternal or spend their whole lives in a virtual environment one day. Future human capabilities are uncertain, but technology is here to stay and won’t go anytime soon.

Comments made on March 30, 2011 by author Christopher Wanamaker of Arizona:

All of them are good points, Pierre, and I generally concur. However, there is something to be said for the financial security of people who lost their occupations as a result of being rendered obsolete by new technology. That kind of event occurs frequently.

I believe what I’m trying to say is that technology is neither good nor evil, but its usage is always accompanied with drawbacks, which I will undoubtedly elaborate on in the future. I also understand that it is necessary to maintain the planet’s existing population numbers.

Canada’s Pierre Savoie on March 29, 2011:

Resources and time are saved through information technology. Today, a single employee may do more since his information is housed on a single large office computer. There is no longer a requirement for a squadron of file clerks to do research on his behalf and transport the documents around on carts, while the employee back in the office makes a pledge to get in touch with clients as soon as information about their accounts is located. No, he has blindingly quick, instantaneous replies.

A single American farmer buys ONE combine and replaces the physical labor of hundreds of grain harvesters from developing nations. The cost of a ton of grain has become more or less the same around the world because to efficient transportation, but the American has produced the ton himself, so when he receives payment, it is entirely his. The manual employees must divide the money in countless ways, and each one remains in poverty.

Prior to the advent of electronic information, money had to be CARTED throughout the nation in the form of banknotes or gold. This reduced gasoline usage, at least for the banking industry. The importance of actual money has diminished.

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