The ten applications that will grow the quickest in 2023

The 10 Most Rapidly Increasing Apps in 2023 (some will Surprise You)

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They have identified the Ten Fastest-Growing Apps in the World (by User Numbers), with Year-over-Year Customer Growth ranging from 81% to an astonishing 172%. They did this by analyzing data from more than 17,000 global customers. We present the outcomes to you!

Some of them, like Notion, Navan, or Figma, may be recognizable to our readers because they all made the list the previous year. If you’re not from the region, some of them may be less well-known, but you may catch up with a brief introduction.

Now let’s look at the 10 applications that will grow the quickest in 2023!

1. Kandji 
Kandji, an Apple device management and security tool, is the fastest-growing app of 2023, with a 172% YoY increase in the number of users.

This platform is a priceless resource for IT organizations wanting to manage and protect remote devices since it enables administrators to automate repetitive processes and provide new capabilities to the device management arena.

It may be used to deploy an automatic program or a bespoke software, enforce OS versions across devices, set up FileVault, and comply with security frameworks. Kandji will assist you in reducing the risk of attacks and software vulnerabilities on your macOS system.

2. Bob
Bob, an HR tool that has been progressively gaining popularity, completes the top three. It took second place among HR tools in the EMEA area in 2021, and this year it had a 123% YoY increase in worldwide client base.

Out-of-the-box onboarding, workflows, performance management, and pay administration are just a few of the features that Bob provides.

The platform interfaces with top payroll providers and features several automations, giving you access to everything you need to work effectively.

3. Notion
It’s no surprise that Notion, a collaborative workplace that has swept the productivity world, came in first place last year and is now in fourth.

As of right now, they have released Notion AI, an add-on that utilizes ChatGPT-style artificial intelligence to help you work more quickly. Summaries can be generated, insights can be gained, ideas can be brainstormed, initial drafts can be swiftly produced, and action items can be quickly created.

4. Prisma Access 
No matter where your users are situated, Prisma Access from Palo Alto Networks strives to give them a secure access to the internet, the cloud, and data center applications.

You don’t have to worry about building out and managing equipment in collocation facilities or about scaling and deploying firewalls at your branches thanks to scalability and global coverage.

Prisma Access may be installed more quickly via their app, or you can deploy it using Panorama and utilize your current setups. In any case, later switching between interfaces won’t be possible, and the features and IPSec settings supported rely on that.

A conclusion
And there is a summary of the applications with the quickest growth in 2023.

As we’ve previously said, the outcomes are only based on OKTA customer data and not the whole market. Additionally, the fact that it is presented as a percentage rather than an absolute number might provide entirely different information.

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