The Apple iPhone 17 Plus is likely to be a different size than older models.

It's Likely That the Apple iPhone 17 Plus Will Be Larger Than Previous Models


Apple’s future iPhone 17 Plus is getting a lot of attention from tech fans because theories say that the screen size might change. Reports say that the screen on the 2025 model might be smaller than those on earlier models.

There is a lot of excitement as people guess what this unusual event means. Some people think that the iPhone 17 Plus will come out in late 2024, after the iPhone 16 series.

In the past, Apple has kept things consistent by making sure that the Plus models’ screens were the same size as the Pro Max models’ screens. For example, the screens on both the iPhone 14 Plus and the iPhone 15 Plus were 6.7 inches, the same size as the Pro Max screens.

However new theories say that Apple might be thinking about a change in approach by making its models with screens of different sizes. This change in strategy could meet the needs of a wider range of users, especially those who want a device that is both small and easy to use.

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