The best things we’d like to see in the supposed Windows 12

The main features that we wish to see in the speculated operating system are Windows 12:

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According to the newest reports, Microsoft may be working on Windows 12. Intel leaked information about Windows 12, and a new Windows Insider channel promises the newest versions of the OS. This makes it look like Microsoft is planning the next big release.

Windows 11 has only been out for a little over two years, but Windows 12 could come out as early as 2024, according to rumors. Even though Microsoft hasn’t said anything public yet, it’s still not too early to make a wish list. This is what I’d like to see in the next big Windows release.

A set date for Windows 12 to come out

Windows 11 came out slowly. After Windows 11’s public release date, anyone could install it, but they had to do it by hand. Microsoft slowly sent the update to other people through Windows Update, which made the release of the new version less than grand.

For Windows 12, I want Microsoft to be more sure of itself. Tell people, “Here’s the new operating system, go play around with it.” Since Microsoft changed Windows to a service model, changes are now sent out through Windows Update. It would be great if everyone’s PCs got the next version of the OS at the same time.

I won’t hold my breath for that, though. It’s only fair that Microsoft has an expert program that lets registered users try out new features before they’re released to everyone else. Microsoft will likely do the same thing with Windows 12. Still, it would be helpful to have a more solid release date for the new OS, so PC owners can plan their upgrades accordingly.

Microsoft has not said when Windows 12 will be available or even that it is working on the OS. A story from Zac Bowden at Windows Central is all we have to go on. He says that sources say Microsoft is moving to a release cycle of three years between big Windows updates. It looks like Windows 12 will come out in the fall of 2024, but it’s too early to tell for sure.

We’re sure that Windows 12 won’t come out at the same time as some new Microsoft gear, like the Surface Laptop Studio 2 and Surface Pro 10.

A lot of compatibility

With Windows 11, you need to add a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and your CPU must meet certain standards. This caused a lot of complaints. Microsoft said that by combining modern security with a modern OS, they were trying to raise the bar for security across the whole Windows environment.

It hurt at the time, but Microsoft has come a long way since Windows 11 was released. PC gamers, who were hit the hardest by the TPM problem, have switched in droves. I hope Microsoft keeps the protection method it set up in Windows 11 for Windows 12. That way, upgrading won’t be as hard, especially on PCs that were built just for you.

If Microsoft wants to make the requirements stricter again, I hope there aren’t as many requirements to run Windows 12. An annoying logo keeps showing up on Windows 11 PCs that aren’t set up right for the OS, even when they’re fully supported. We hope that Microsoft can handle the next version a little better. Custom PCs that are supposed to work with Windows 11 will still say they don’t because of problems with the way they are set up.

It’s free to move up from Windows 11.

There’s no doubt about it; Windows 12 should be a free update from Windows 11. Microsoft still sells new licenses for Windows 11, but anyone who already has a license for Windows 10 can get the latest version for free. Microsoft should keep that method for Windows 12 if all goes well.

One big reason I’d like to see this is that Microsoft is collecting more and more information about Windows users. Since Windows 8.1, Microsoft has given away updates to the OS for free. This is mostly because the OS has become a service that Microsoft can charge for by collecting data and showing ads. I don’t think Windows 12 will change that.

Some people who care about privacy have valid concerns about Microsoft’s data collection. However, those efforts mean that Windows updates are still free for license users, unlike older versions of Windows where changes cost around $100.

A lot of AI features

Microsoft spent a lot of money on OpenAI, which is already changing everything about the company, from Bing Chat to AI tools in Skype. I want AI to be a part of every part of Windows 12.

Microsoft already has some tools that are driven by AI. As an example, Windows 11 has voice typing driven by AI as an accessibility tool. Also, AI helps Teams improve background blur and noise reduction. And that’s not even counting Bing Chat, which is built right into Windows 11’s search bar.

It’s not clear where Microsoft could use AI in Windows 12. I’d like to see more focus on efficiency, where AI can be used in Focus Sessions, notifications, and Widgets to give you more useful information and make a plan based on how you use the app.

More ways to change things

The new individual PCs in Windows 11 are shown on a Dell screen.
The owner of the image permitted for its use.
Window 11 gave Microsoft’s OS a much-needed makeover. With rounded edges, a taskbar in the middle, and new icons all over, Windows 11 looks and feels a lot more modern. But in exchange, Microsoft gave up the ability to customize Windows, which is where it stands out.

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