The Best Ways to Use ChatGPT for Presentations

How to Benefit from Using ChatGPT for Presentations

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The craft of making engaging presentations has advanced beyond conventional techniques in the digital era. Let’s have a look at Jeff Su’s creative solution, which combines ChatGPT’s cutting-edge features with Google Slides and Google Apps Script. This approach has the potential to completely transform the way we create presentations, increasing both their effectiveness and their level of engagement. It’s good to know that there’s a simple, technologically advanced option available if you’ve ever been intimidated by the thought of creating a presentation from scratch.

Automated Presentation Creation with Minimal Work

Imagine having the ability to quickly and easily create a comprehensive presentation outline. This is exactly what Jeff Su’s approach demonstrates; he uses ChatGPT to create action-oriented slide headers with three bullet points to back them up. This procedure follows the SCQA framework, a presentation structure approach that is accepted by leading consulting organizations. You may initiate the building of a structured presentation outline and establish a strong basis for your slides by simply prompting ChatGPT.

Creating a Productive Outline

The first stage is to interact with ChatGPT and provide it with a thorough instruction to create an organized outline. For example, if your talk is on the factors that will shape the gaming industry in the future, you may ask ChatGPT to play the part of a senior business analyst and create a 10-slide presentation. This method guarantees that your presentation is based on relevancy and logical development while also saving time.

Key to Tailored Content: Interactive Engagement

One noteworthy feature of this approach is the interactive use of ChatGPT. ChatGPT refines the presentation’s framework by posing clarifying questions to make sure it is thorough and by your goals. This is a critical stage since it adds a personal touch to the information, increasing its relevance and impact.

Automating Everything Easily with Google Apps Script

The guide walks you through the process of using Google Apps Script after creating the outline. This effective solution embeds the titles and bullet points that ChatGPT has carefully selected into Google Slides presentations, automating the creation process. With this automation, you may prepare presentations much more quickly and easily, saving hours of tedious manual work.

Improving The Look of Presentations

Jeff Su takes it a step further, discussing possible mistakes in the way the script is performed and showing how to add visually appealing themes to the slides. This focus on detail guarantees that your presentation will leave a lasting effect on your audience by being both visually appealing and educational.

AI-Powered Content Enrichment Tools

The guide recommends using other AI technologies, such as Perplexity AI for data collection and evidence collecting, to improve your presentation. This enrichment makes sure your slides are interesting, educational, and supported by reliable information, which raises the caliber and potency of your presentation as a whole.

Accepting the Future of Designing Presentations

This course provides a look into the future of creating presentations by using AI to improve accessibility, effectiveness, and user engagement. This approach gives you more options for effectively communicating your message, regardless of your level of presentation experience.

Adopting these cutting-edge techniques and technologies gives you the skills you need to make presentations that successfully communicate your message and engage your audience. The days of devoting endless hours to presentation design are gradually disappearing. You can create engaging, educational, and inspiring presentations with ChatGPT and the Google toolkit.

Source: Jeff Su

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