The end of Elon

Departure of Elon

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With his face obscured in shadow while standing on the rear bed of his greatest extravagance, the billionaire who amassed an ardent fan base through engineering and determination that appeared inhuman drastically reduced his stature:

Elon Musk oversaw the initial deliveries to customers of a Tesla vehicle that, similar to the majority of projects he oversaw, incurred significant financial overruns and surpassed its initial shipping schedule. Furthermore, Musk had essentially secured the doom of another of his companies a few days prior by telling advertising partners in public to “go fuck [themselves].”

To say he appeared diminished would be an understatement.

Similar to the majority of Tesla’s delivery events, the Cybertruck launch lacked substance. My more patient coworkers have described what transpired there far more accurately than I ever could. Musk boasted for some time about the capabilities of his ostentatious stainless steel monstrosity before revealing the incredibly non-obvious method of opening its doors to a handful of apprehensive first-time Cybertruck owners (one of whom was Alexis Ohanian) and then reiterated a vague and perplexing statement about how insane it will be to see these driving around before calling it a day.

I referred to the peculiar decision made by Franz von Holzhausen to stand on the truck bed in partial darkness, despite being equipped with a stage lighting setup that was intended to prevent him from doing so. However, I neglected to mention the moment when he was drugged out to weakly throw a baseball at the windows of the Cybertruck. This appeared to be an unintended satire on his 2019 unveil event, where he smashed the windows of the original prototype. Von Holzhausen would have likely shattered the windows once more if he had faithfully replicated the 2019 incident using steel balls and a correct hurl, according to this watered-down recreation.

Elon Musk failed to mention his deteriorating social media platform or the detrimental consequences that have resulted from his recurrent provocative remarks and promotion of erroneous and perilous conspiracy theories, which have rendered a positive trajectory for X unattainable. He neglected to mention how his array of diversions, which includes a spacecraft he launches intermittently from south Texas and which is prone to frequent explosions, are causing Tesla investors grave concern. He focused primarily on the potential advantages that Cybertruck owners could experience if modern civilization were to end. Furthermore, consider how stylish they will appear.

Elon Musk, formerly a self-assured yet contentious futurist and architect of large-scale solutions, has transformed into an irrational, rambling, and ranting proponent of far-right folly with erratic beliefs. Even his ostensibly existential objection to OpenAI’s rapid advancement of artificial intelligence was ultimately trivial envy, as demonstrated by the hurried introduction of Grok, his own inferior, considerably less intelligent, and muddled counterpart.

Musk continues to benefit from legions of devoted fanboys, many of whom I’m sure will be telling me how incredible he still is and how awful I still am, but it’s difficult to deny that his influence is waning, and the Cybertruck, the culmination of his most ridiculous idea materialized, appears to be a fitting conclusion to his era of power.

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