The most recent anti-cheat strategy used by Call of Duty is to just shut off the game.

If Activision detects that a mouse-and-keyboard player is using aim assist, it's literally game over.

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Over the previous several years, Activision has punished Call of Duty cheats in new and often humorous ways, from cutting their parachutes so they land in Warzone to removing their weaponry. The current technique targets mouse and keyboard players who use illegal gadgets to enable aim help.

The Ricochet anti-cheat team claims the Call of Duty app will close if its security measures detect such gamers. No creative move like cloning a player from elsewhere in the match. The game shuts down. “Repeated use of these tools may lead to further account action,” Ricochet said on X. Activision will likely suspend or ban repeat offenders.

This strategy constantly aims to equalize the playing field. Console and controller gamers employ aim assist to compensate for a mouse’s superior precision. This latest attempt to irritate bad actors won’t fix Call of Duty’s hacking issues (wallhacks still exist), but Activision’s tactic of aggravating cheaters into altering their behaviors is hilarious.

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