The much-loved independent game Prison Architect 2 will be out in three dimensions on March 26.

The sequel is available on PC through Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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A sequel to the cult favorite Prison Architect will be out quite soon. The sequel to the series will be available on PC via Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5 starting on March 26. A trailer is also available; it’s down below. Notably, Prison Architect 2 converts the series from a strictly top-down to a 3D format. Although the sequel’s cartoonish aesthetic is a little bit reminiscent of more recent Dragon Quest titles, its gameplay is very different from a JRPG.

It’s a powerful simulator for creating prisons, as the name implies. Since the game’s limits would ultimately drive you to abuse inmates in the name of “fiscal responsibility,” we adored the original and noted that it was practically impossible to play the game humanely. Given that the primary objective of the game was to sell your jail for a healthy profit, the analogy with the real-world prison system was probably not accidental.

Although it’s very likely, we don’t know if the sequel will maintain the same critical gaze on America’s for-profit jail system. After all, the teaser depicts a dehumanized prisoner who is constantly kept from leaving. Even if the cartoon prisoner has a lovely appearance, it is still a prisoner. “Will your jails become symbols of revenge or rehabilitation in the end? ” is another one of the game’s taglines. Above all, will they make ends meet?

Beyond just becoming 3D, Prison Architect 2 is adding a ton of new features. According to the creator, the prisoners are now more intelligent and will form bonds with one another based on needs and wants. Make appropriate plans because your design will “affect every aspect” of their life. Just when you thought you were going to create a library or even walls around a toilet, the original game loved to pull strings.

Additionally, there is an enhanced career mode that allows you to construct many jails inside a single city and offers additional flexibility over the establishment of facility laws. The game’s original developer, Paradox Interactive, has hinted at additional gameplay situations, including gang battles, escapes, and “all sorts of expensive and destructive problems.”

When Prison Architect 2 launches in late March, it will set you back $40. In related news, the Corrections Corporation of America has been growing at a rate of about 14% annually since 2009, while the private jail “industry leader” GEO Group reported record earnings in 2023.

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