The price of Spotify Premium membership is going up again.

Spotify is raising the cost of Premium subscriptions, again


It was reported in April that Spotify would be raising the price of its Premium plans in the US. The changes will happen in July.

The platform is raising the prices of its plan by $11 a month to $12 a month and its Duo plan by $15 a month to $17 a month. This is the same amount of money that was raised in prices last year by $1 and $2, respectively. But the price of its Family plan is going up by a huge $3, from $17 a month to $20 a month. Students are the only users who will not have to pay every month. They will still pay $6.

The price hikes were announced by Spotify less than a year after the last one, in July of last year. Since its start 15 years ago, Spotify hadn’t changed its prices before that. I guess I was too hopeful to think that the next rise would also take that long, especially since Spotify is still focusing on podcasts and spending a lot of money on them.

Premium users will get an email from Spotify next month about the price increase. The email will include a link to stop their plan if they want to. People who are currently on a trial for Spotify will get one more month for $11 after their trial ends. After that, they will have to pay $12 a month.

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