The Samsung Galaxy S24 is now out and has a ton of AI features.

There is now the Samsung Galaxy S24, and it is packed with artificial intelligence features.

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Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone series, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra, on Wednesday.

Long regarded as one of the greatest Android smartphones, the S24 series will have an enhanced Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3 CPU.

In the US, all three variants will have the Snapdragon Series 8 Gen 3, while other regions will have Qualcomm’s SoCs and Samsung’s Exynos chipset on the S24 and S24 Plus.

Samsung’s speech focused on the Galaxy S24’s AI system’s performance. “According to CCS Insight chief analyst Ben Wood, the S24 and Pixel series “mark the dawn of the consumerisation of AI in smartphones.”

He noted that all smartphone companies, including Apple, would emulate the pattern when they add AI capabilities to their next smartphones.

This year, Samsung kept the same proportions as the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra.

Instead of last year’s slightly curved borders, the S24 Ultra’s 6.8-inch display is flatter. The titanium frame made it lighter and stronger than the S23 Ultra’s aluminum body.

Standard S24 and S24 Plus keep last year’s look and form but have greater specs.

Samsung Introduces The Galaxy AI

Samsung takes the notion that what’s inside matters seriously.

Samsung has invested much in artificial intelligence and claims its smartphones have “on-demand” AI that can perform tasks on the device and give results promptly, rather than cloud computing.

The electronics giant calls the Galaxy AI a “comprehensive mobile AI experience” with “universal intelligence” never before seen on smartphones.

The on-demand AI will be used onboard and cloud computing. This is crucial since some jobs need a lot of computational power.

So, let’s look at some AI-centric features on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series smartphones.

1. Click Google Search

Google’s Click-to-Search tool should improve web searches. The Galaxy S24 introduced the functionality coming to all upcoming AI-powered Android devices.

It lets users long-press the home button in any app and circle, highlight, or tap any screen component to execute a Google search. Without leaving the app, users may search for results by circling locations on the map or pointing the S24’s camera at an object or photo in their gallery.

If you notice a shoe you like while browsing through Instagram and want to learn more about it, hold down the home button and draw a circle around it. The Galaxy AI will display you Google Search results for the shoe.

The S-Pen pen on the Galaxy S24 Ultra makes this function easier to utilize.

2. Generator Image Editor

Samsung praised the S24’s generative AI picture and video editing.

Samsung’s Generative Edit is akin to Google’s Magic Editor on the Pixel, which lets you do complicated alterations like repositioning the subject or deleting reflections without professional editing abilities.

Generative Edit lets you long-tap to relocate, resize, or eliminate photo subjects. Generative fill enables the AI to enhance photos with prompts.

3. Live-translation

The S24 can translate voice and text in real-time, like the Pixel series, making it suitable for international travel. The tool also translates two-way.

Samsung Transcript Assist can transcribe, translate, and summarize voice memos. Users can adjust the summary presentation.

Notably, the S24 does all its computations on-device, thus it doesn’t need the Internet.

4. AI Watermarking

You can’t modify Galaxy S24 photos and pass them off as real. Thus, when a user modifies a photo using Generative Edit, the S24 logs the changes in the metadata.

To indicate AI editing, the image will have a bottom left watermark.

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