There will soon be an iPad version of the Delta game software.

The Delta game emulator will soon be available for iPads.


Delta, a popular Nintendo emulator, made its way to the iPhone App Store a few weeks ago to a lot of attention. Now, an iPad version is being made. In a post on Threads this past weekend, developer Riley Testut said that an iPad app has been in the works and is now getting more attention because Apple changed its mind about game copies.

The iPad app is “almost done,” and Testut’s Patreon supporters can now get it through the AltStore, a different app store that the developer made a few years ago for sideloading iOS and iPadOS apps. If not, you can wait until Delta’s next big update, version 1.6, comes out.

Testut also showed a sneak peek of how it will work on iPad in the post. Delta replaced Testut’s GBA4iOS as the official Game Boy Advance emulator. It works with many other Nintendo platforms, such as the NES, SNES, N64, and DS. To finish the iPad version, Testut wrote that the team only needs to “finish up controller skins [and] fix some last bugs.”

Testut wrote that they are also working on device-to-device gaming, but that is still a few things away. He also said that a SEGA Genesis simulator is on its way, which was a nice bonus. That is still in beta, but it will be out “soon-ish.”

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