These 4 things are things you shouldn’t trust AI with.

Don’t trust AI for these 4 things


AI helped me write a birthday card, plan a trip to Hong Kong, and program my robot not long ago. But this tech is still very new, and you need to know about some big holes in it.

All day, ask things like, “How many basketballs do you need to stack to get to the moon?” By the way, it’s 1,595,524,852. But you should avoid the robot when it comes to these four Ps.

1. Protection

If you run a small business, you might want to avoid paying a lawyer and write contracts through ChatGPT or another robot to save money. Most of the time, the legal risk isn’t worth it.

What if you ask the wrong question or use the wrong legal words in your prompt? You might get an answer that is completely wrong or doesn’t reflect the most recent changes.

Lawyers know how to read the “gray area” between the law and the specific legal language that applies to your case. As in, you can sue them if they mess up, so they have to do it right.

When it’s okay: Do you need help going over a legal document or understanding how the laws and rules that are already in place work? Of course, robot away.

2. Precision

Do not trust AI to do your taxes. A locked link shows that even the AI helpers built into H&R Block and TurboTax are wrong more than 30% of the time.

Every year, tax rules change about things like exemptions and putting money into retirement plans. If you’re off by even a few hundred dollars, it could cost you a lot in the long run.

When it’s okay: Don’t know what you don’t know? AI can help you figure out what tax questions to ask or how to locate a great CPA.

3. Prognosis

You must not be human if you haven’t panicked-Googled your symptoms in the middle of the night. All the more appealing self-diagnosis is made possible by AI.

But don’t get it wrong—Chatter4 could be the worst doctor you’ve ever met. In a test where real doctors diagnosed health problems in kids, it was only right 17% of the time.

When it’s okay: AI is pretty good at giving basic rules and tips on how to avoid problems. It can also help you understand test results and what they mean. That’s how I use it!

4. Partnership

A new poll found that 23% of Americans use AI to improve their dating profiles and texts. This is up from 15% the year before.

If you train AI well enough, it can learn jokes and pickup lines, and it can even copy the way you text. Likely, your crush wouldn’t know that you used AI to write that love letter.

Should you? That’s the question. You know what? I don’t like anyone else to speak.

When it’s okay: Don’t do it for love. Chatbots are better for writing dull, emotionless things like asking your owner for a rent break or getting a return.

Tl;dr … If it can get you in trouble with the law, sued, jailed, or dumped
Leave AI out of it if you can.

How good your answers are will depend on how good the data is and how good your questions are. And until there are more rules about AI, you’ll be the one responsible if you make a big choice based on false information.

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