Though growth is slowing, ChatGPT’s mobile app generated a record $4.58 million in sales last month.

ChatGPT's mobile app sold a record $4.58 million last month, despite a decreasing rate of growth.

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Both positive and negative news about ChatGPT’s mobile initiatives. Positively, the AI chatbot’s income and app install count are increasing; in September, it achieved a new high of 15.6 million downloads and approximately $4.6 million in gross revenue from its iOS and Android applications globally.

But fresh data from market research company Appfigures indicates that revenue growth has now started to slow down. While sales growth had been above 30% for the previous two months—31% in July and 39% in August—it had fallen to 20% growth as of September.

In terms of how many mobile users are willing to pay for the upgraded ChatGPT+ subscription service, an in-app purchase that costs $19.99 per month and offers faster response times, priority access during peak hours, and early access to new features and improvements, slowing revenue growth may be the first sign that ChatGPT is approaching saturation. Thus far, the subscription has proven to be successful. ChatGPT’s gross sales from mobile devices were $2.1 million in June, $2.74 million in July, $3.81 million in August, and, most recently, $4.58 million in September.

Interestingly, though, in terms of income, ChatGPT is not the biggest AI app. According to Appfigures’ statistics, Ask AI, a rival, is generating more money because of significant ad expenditure. Its revenue increased from $6.48 million in May, when ChatGPT mobile arrived, to a peak of $6.55 million in August. Even with the modest decline to $5.51 million in September, it is still more than ChatGPT. Ask AI has outgrown its rivals, such as Genie and AI Chat Smith.

Naturally, given Ask AI’s advertising expenditure, net income may tell a different tale. In September, ChatGPT made around $3.2 million after deducting the in-app purchase profits that were split between Apple and Google.

Appfigures claims that ChatGPT received 15.6 million installs in September, increasing its lifetime total to 52.2 million, in addition to its revenue record. Nine million downloads in September came from Google Play, with the remaining 6.6 million coming from the App Store.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the App Store generates $3 million of all in-app transactions made last month. The AI chatbot app’s biggest market, where 60% of ChatGPT’s sales come from, is the United States.

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