Try These 10 Amazing iPhone Shortcuts

10 Awesome iPhone Shortcuts to Try Out

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Your iPhone is a strong tool that may improve your productivity and change the way you handle your everyday duties. It’s more than simply a communication device. You can now do more with less effort by streamlining your operations thanks to iOS automation. Thatmaccat has published a video in which it discusses ten creative iPhone shortcuts that will not only make your life easier but also enable you to utilize your gadget to its fullest.

1. Personalize the Contact Menu

Bid farewell to the inconvenience of having to trawl through many contact lists to find the individuals you speak with most often. You may quickly connect with your most important contacts with a single press by creating a custom contact menu shortcut. With this shortcut, you may customize a menu to show your preferred contacts so you can quickly chat or phone them.

2. Translation of Text

It is becoming commonplace to communicate across language borders in today’s globalized society. A text translation shortcut might come in handy while working with international colleagues or going on a trip. This shortcut connects to potent translation programs such as Google Translate, allowing you to:

  • Instantaneously translate text
  • Instantaneously share the translated results.
  • Translations can be copied for later use

3. Automation of Audio Streaming

This one’s for the music enthusiasts! You may automate the process of simultaneously enabling your cellular connectivity and opening your preferred music app, like Spotify, by using an audio streaming shortcut. No more stumbling around in settings or having to open programs by hand. Combine this shortcut with Bluetooth automation to make it even better. This way, your music will start playing as soon as you connect to your car’s Bluetooth system. Everywhere you go, take pleasure in an unbroken musical experience.

4. News Combination

It’s important to stay up to date on news and happenings, yet it might take time to check several websites. This issue is resolved by combining the headlines from your favorite news sources into a single, conveniently accessible digest using a news aggregation shortcut. You don’t need to use many applications or websites to remain up to speed on current affairs—just a few clicks will do the trick.

5. Safe Wireless Sharing

It might be risky to share your Wi-Fi network with visitors, particularly if you’re reluctant to disclose your password. This concern is removed with a Wi-Fi sharing shortcut, which creates a special QR code for your network. To connect, guests only need to scan the code, keeping your password safe and secret.

6. Activation of Focus Mode

In a world full of distractions, it can be difficult to stay focused and productive. By enabling you to switch between Focus modes with just one tap, a shortcut for activating a particular Focus mode keeps you on task. By combining this shortcut with your reminders app, you may go one step further and receive a list of activities to complete during your concentrated sessions.

7. Mode of Power Saving

Particularly when you’re not near a power source, battery life is a valuable resource. Your iPhone’s battery life may be increased with the aid of a power-saving mode shortcut, which automatically modifies screen brightness and switches to airplane mode when needed. You may make sure that your smartphone stays charged for extended periods by using this shortcut.

8. Check SIM Balance

It’s critical to monitor your mobile network service balance to prevent unforeseen fees and service outages. Without having to use your carrier’s app, you may quickly and easily check your balance with a SIM balance check shortcut. For further tasks, including monitoring your account or recharging, this shortcut might also take you to the service app for your carrier.

9. Scanning Documents

An image capture shortcut makes document scanning easier than it has ever been. This shortcut gets your favorite scanning program ready so you can quickly digitize documents. This shortcut expedites the procedure and saves you time and effort when scanning receipts, contracts, or other critical documents.

10. Automated VPN

With the importance of internet privacy and security these days, having a VPN automation shortcut is essential. This shortcut protects your privacy online by turning on your VPN automatically when you open particular apps and turning it off when you’re through. Safeguard your private data and enjoy worry-free online browsing.

Getting Started

To benefit from these iPhone productivity tips, make sure your device has the Actions and Shortcuts applications loaded. These applications enable you to develop and complete complicated jobs with ease, and they are the cornerstone of iPhone workflow automation.

In summary

The ten iPhone shortcuts included in this article are intended to change the way you use your phone and increase the effectiveness and enjoyment of your everyday work. These shortcuts cover a wide range of use cases, from improving productivity and security to simplifying communication. You’ll find a whole new level of convenience and functionality when you include these shortcuts in your daily iPhone routine. Unlock the full potential of your iPhone by embracing the power of iOS automation right now.

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