Twitch announced a new agreement to provide streamers extra money.

A new agreement to pay broadcasters more has been announced by Twitch.

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As part of a revamp, streaming platform Twitch has revealed intentions to give creators a larger portion of its earnings.

The way that streamers monetize their channels is by having people subscribe to them; in the UK, this starts at £3.99 a month.

Once fees are paid, Twitch and the creator share the revenue 50/50.

The most well-known streamers used to get sweetheart terms, but under the new arrangement, anyone with more than 100 paying members will now get 60% of the money their followers donate.

The announcement was made two weeks after parent company Amazon declared it would fire over 500 Twitch staff members or one-third of the whole workforce.

At the time, Twitch CEO Dan Clancy stated that although the platform had paid streamers $1 billion (£780 million) in 2023, the company was having financial difficulties.

He stated on a platform stream, “We’ve implied this before… but I’ll be blunt, we aren’t profitable at this point.”

According to its most recent financial report, parent company Amazon generated $9.9 billion in profit from July to September, up from $2.9 billion during the same period in 2022.

A fresh agreement

On the live streaming website Twitch, users usually play video games and converse with viewers.

The redesigned program, known as Twitch Plus, is scheduled to launch in May.

According to Twitch, this will result in “three times as many streamers” receiving higher income shares than the standard 50/50 distribution.

In a blog post, Mr. Clancy stated, “Twitch’s basis is made up by streamers and the communities they create.”

“We recognize the significant impact that each of your earnings from streaming has on your lives.

With these modifications, we hope to establish a stable, open system for paying streamers that will support and motivate content producers who dedicate themselves to live streaming.

With over 350 premium members per month, the site’s even more popular users will continue to get a 70/30 income share under the new agreement.

That portion of the new system was first revealed in June 2023 as a component of the “Partner Plus” initiative, which at the time drew some criticism.

Some believed that the agreement mainly benefited people who were already well-liked because it was incredibly tough to attain the milestone.

Others demanded that all inventors, not just the wealthiest ones, be eligible for the 70/30 share.

Streamers who meet the new requirements will now have to get 300 paying members to get paid more.

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