UK Might See the Uncommon Northern Lights Because of a Strong Solar Storm That Might Hit Earth

Rare Northern Lights Could Be Seen in the UK Should a Strong Solar Storm Hit Earth


Due to a strong solar storm, experts say that this weekend, people in the UK might be able to see the beautiful aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights.

Forecasters say that people in over a dozen US states and as far south as Liverpool in the UK might be able to see the Northern Lights on Friday and Saturday. There is a chance that people in the UK will see it, but it depends on how active the sun is at the same time as at least four coronal mass ejections (CMEs). It is predicted that these ejections will send out a lot of plasma and magnetic energy.

For the best viewing conditions, the sky needs to be clear and dark. People who want to see the Northern Lights should wait until just before or after sunset.

It looks like the weather will be good for seeing the aurora across the British Isles on both Friday and Saturday nights, with clear skies expected in most areas. Scotland, the northern parts of England and Ireland, and the rest of Europe are likely to have the best viewing conditions.

The aurora borealis will light up the skies over all of Canada and into a few US states across the Atlantic. If the clouds stay clear, people even further south might be able to see this show in the sky. In particular, the aurora can be seen from a long way away—up to 1000 kilometers—when conditions are just right and the lights are very bright.

The Northern Lights are a very special event that reminds us of the amazing things that nature can do. It also gives people in the Northern Hemisphere a rare chance to see this beautiful show.

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