Using Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT, Bing Chat, StarryAI, etc.) in Daily Life: An Introduction

A Beginner's Guide to Using AI (ChatGPT, Bing Chat, StarryAI, etc.) in Your Daily Life

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What exactly is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI), powered by sophisticated algorithms and data insights, enables computers to simulate human intellect. Imagine having a conversation with computers that not only understand intricacies in the language but also react in wonderfully human ways. Tools like ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and StarryAI stand out in this dynamic environment as approachable AI interactions that provide simple work management, information retrieval, and even creative expression. In this post, we walk newcomers through the AI environment and show them how these techniques change the range of potential outcomes.


An new project from OpenAI called ChatGPT is a shining illustration of how artificial intelligence may be used in everyday life. It is a potent language model made to participate in discussions that seem real, making it a useful tool for anyone looking for support, inspiration, or contact. It’s very simple to use ChatGPT. Enter the interface, initiate a discussion by entering a hello or a query, and observe how the AI may offer logical and contextually appropriate replies. The program may be used on a computer, a smartphone, or even both! Users can access and utilize ChatGPT’s core features with the help of the free version (ChatGPT 3.5). Advanced users can access ChatGPT’s advanced capabilities, such as plugins, with the premium version (ChatGPT 4.0). These functions won’t be necessary for novice users. However, it’s also a good idea to have it in mind in case you ever need it.

What practical applications of ChatGPT can you think of?

You may easily use it to make your writing better. Make a statement to that effect, such as “You are a superb writer with complete command of the English language.” Please rewrite the next sentence.
To your favorite old friend, pose thought-provoking questions. The knowledge cutoff for ChatGPT 3.5’s free version is September 2021.
To assist with search engine optimization (SEO), use ChatGPT. ChatGPT, which has computer as its first language, is the expert in SEO. Use it to compile a list of effective keywords for your small business, which might increase sales.

Google Chat

Your go-to digital assistant for daily activities is Bing Chat, which is powered by Microsoft’s AI technology. It is extremely user-friendly and was created with novices in mind. Simply enter in your inquiry or task—such as looking up nearby restaurants or the weather—and Bing Chat will deliver prompt and precise answers. Bing Chat makes things simple without effort, making it the ideal tool for people who are unfamiliar with AI-powered support. Simply open the Edge browser and choose the “B” button (it has an oval callout around it) in the top right corner.

What are some practical applications for Bing Chat?

Writing an email proving to be difficult? Use Bing Chat to help you create this email! For instance, you might need to ask everyone for money if you’re preparing an office party. How can you ask nicely while yet making your point? Select the “Compose” button, the “Professional” tone, the “Email” format, and the desired length. Type in your instructions, then watch Bing Chat put them into action! This is especially beneficial for people who are pressed for time but need to quickly understand an important website. Make sure this function is turned on by selecting “Notifications and App Settings” from the Bing Chat box, choosing “Allow access to any webpage or PDF,” and clicking the little three-dot menu.
To summarize a crucial pdf document, use Bing Chat. An crucial meeting is about to start. However, you haven’t had the opportunity to read the entire pdf file. Open the pdf in the edge browser and let Bing Chat provide a succinct description of its key points for you. Your work time will unquestionably be greatly reduced as a result, and your productivity will rise.


Discover the world of StarryAI, where technology and creativity converge. This amazing platform focuses on harnessing the power of AI to produce breathtaking visuals that grab the senses and pique the imagination. It’s like having a robot friend who is also an artist when computers learn to create art with only word descriptions thanks to StarryAI! Whether you’re an artist in search of new inspiration or an art enthusiast interested in AI’s creative potential, Starryai is happy to have you. Explore the future of art with Starryai to learn how AI and creative human endeavor may be combined to create something really unique. The best part is that you may use its basic functions without paying anything. There are many additional AI picture creating systems besides Starryai that you might investigate. The idea is the same for all of them: enter your word description and let AI create the image in your head.

What applications of StarryAI can you find in daily life?

Use the picture in your business! It is open for usage! By paying a monthly subscription fee to access stock image websites’ photographs, you may be able to reduce your budget.
For your forthcoming party, do you need to produce a charming little flyer? The use of AI-generated imagery may certainly make it more engaging for your visitors.
Use your artistic talents to earn some extra cash. People are beginning to sell AI-generated images on online stores like Fy. This is a fun side job that you can perform on your own time if you’re seeking for one with flexibility.

Decorate your home with this! Your greatest AI-generated photographs may be displayed in your home if you frame it. When visitors inquire about your art and where you purchased it, wow them. In your own private place, let your individuality and ingenuity show!

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