What we know about iOS 18, the next big update for the iPhone

What's next for iOS?

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Even though iOS 18 isn’t coming out for a few months, it’s never too early to start talking about it.

Yes, there are already stories going around about iOS 18, which is supposed to be the follow-up to iOS 17 from last year. It’s still “theoretical” because Apple hasn’t said anything about it in public yet, but you can be sure that it will probably come out this year. When it does, it might change everything about iOS, but we’ll talk more about that later.

This is all the information we have about iOS 18 so far.

When will iOS 18 be out?

This part is simple. We can be sure that iOS 18 will come out in September, around the same time as the still-unconfirmed iPhone 16. This is true even though Apple hasn’t said anything official.

That’s because iOS updates come out every September, around the same time as new iPhones. When MacBooks and iPads come out, they are

Features of iOS 18

It’s a little less certain what iOS 18 will bring to the table, though.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Pavlo Gonchar/SOPA Images/Shutterstock (14120096k)
In this photo illustration, iOS 18 logo is seen on a smartphone and on a pc screen in the background.
Photo illustration in Ukraine – 22 Sept 2023

A well-known Apple expert at Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, said in January that iOS 18 would be “one of the biggest” changes in the history of iOS. Users didn’t get much information from his story, but in a more recent Power On email, Gurman gave a little more information. He said that iOS 18 probably won’t be a “total overhaul” meant to look like the Vision Pro’s operating system.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

But Gurman did give us some things to work with. In iOS 18, AI will likely play a big role, whether it’s creative AI or something else. This could lead to Siri getting better and AI being added to Messages and other built-in iOS apps. Messages or Safari might be able to edit your texts or describe web pages for you. This would be similar to what Samsung and Google have done with their most recent top-of-the-line phones.

RCS standard for chatting

Other than that, the best thing we can say about iOS 18 is that talking with Android users will probably be better. The reason for this is that Apple has already said it will use the Rich Communication Services (RCS) message standard starting this year. Users of both Android and iOS will finally be able to see type signs, read receipts, and other small features when they text each other.

The next version of iOS from Apple won’t even be shown off for a few months, let alone launched. Gurman, on the other hand, has given us enough iOS 18 rumors to last us until its launch in September.

Ability to access

iOS 18 is said to be getting some improvements to its accessibility features. These include choices that make it easier for people with vision, movement, hearing, and cognitive needs to use the app.

Live Speech comes first. Apple News says that this feature, which lets you type what you want to say before it is read out loud, is getting a new “Categories” feature.

Together with this new feature, you can now arrange your most-used or best phrases into any groups you choose.

Another report says that Apple is releasing “Adaptive Voice Shortcuts,” which let you connect your own words to certain accessibility features. This means that if you say a certain unique phrase, it should take you to the accessibility feature you tied it to.

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