WhatsApp will add a way to share files without being online.

WhatsApp Soon to Launch File Sharing Feature Without Internet


WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is working on a cool new tool that will make it easier to share files even when you’re not online. New leaks say that you’ll soon be able to share songs, movies, photos, and documents when you’re not online.

With this new tool, you can share different types of files without having to use data or Wi-Fi. Remember not to worry about safety; the files you send will be protected, so no one will be able to change them.

We can see what rights this feature will need from shots that were taken from the latest test version of WhatsApp for Android. One important thing is that it will be able to find close phones that can share files even when they’re not online.

On Android phones, WhatsApp needs to be able to look for other Bluetooth devices for this to work. That being said, you can always turn it off if that doesn’t feel right.

This came after WhatsApp added a way to “pin” notes to keep them close at hand. It looks like WhatsApp is always adding new cool features to make talking even better.

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