Why Google Gemini is the biggest threat to ChatGPT and how to use it

Tutorial on how to utilize Google Gemini, the most significant competitor to ChatGPT

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Google’s Gemini chatbot excels at generative AI. Gemini is one of ChatGPT’s few real rivals despite its troubles. Details here.

Google debuted Bard, its free, experimental AI, in March 2023. Chatbot started with LaMDA.

Google Duet, an August 2023 corporate alternative, offers AI-powered Workspace products including Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and others.

December 2023 saw Google upgrade Bard to Gemini LLM. It merged Duet and Bard and renamed all AI settings Gemini in February.

Google Gemini, an AI chatbot like ChatGPT, can write, answer questions, and do almost everything ChatGPT can.

Google claims its powerful Gemini generative AI can generate text, graphics, video, audio, and code on one platform. Gemini Nano, Pro, Ultra, and Advanced LLMs fit varied needs and skill levels.

Google thinks AI is valuable in many ways. The Chrome-Gemini interface is examined. Integrated with Gmail, Drive, Slides, Docs, and other Google Workspace business tools. The free Gemini AI chatbot is basic and straightforward to use. Sign in or create a free Google account.

Everybody may subscribe to Google One AI Premium, which features its Gemini chatbot powered by the newest and most powerful LLM version and other delights. Google Gemini setup and best solution.

How to join Google Gemini

Google Gemini’s free version is easy to join. Many use Google and email. Enter Google credentials into Gemini and finish. Register for Google if needed.

Check terms and services notifications. A notification may say Google Bard is now Google Gemini. A regular AI chatbot page will follow. A unique introduction, prompts, and bottom text are included.

Use the upper-left Gemini drop-down menu to refresh your page for a new conversation or upgrade to Gemini Advanced. Select the far-left three-line symbol to expand the menu. Check out the new chat tab, recent prompts, help, activity choices, settings, and another Gemini Advanced upgrade. Collapse the menu by clicking the three-line sign again.

Top-right Google account symbol. Click to view your Google and other accounts.

Start with prompts

Google Other AI chatbots like Gemini can understand and output diverse text types via requests. Google suggests hard challenges and event planning. Stories, essays, language translation, code creation and editing, and arithmetic equation solving are done in Gemini. Start a prompt with a strong action verb like “write,” “solve,” “summarize,” “generate,” “create,” or “help me” to indicate what needs to be done and provide as much detail as needed for the best outcome

In a lengthy but comprehensive explanation, Gemini addressed my “teach me about the theory of relativity in simple terms” request. Three alternatives and study suggestions were provided.

Use the edit response option at the bottom to shorten extend or formalize the paragraph. Manual prompts work similarly.

The assignment, “Write a short story about Santa meeting the Easter Bunny in the style of Mary Shelley,” resulted in a horrifying tale of Father Nicholas being comforted by the Bunny after Krampus wrecked I chose the first of three drafts again. Only the first alternative survived after a few generations, so check them early.

Google Gemini Mary Shelley prompt.

Asking “What are the most common CSS grid commands,” produced a good list and replies. I reviewed this response’s drafts and sources.

The Spanish, French, and Chinese dialects explained “the dog jumped over the lazy fox” in full.

Create free photos with Google Gemini. Note that Google Gemini photos. Not all free AI chatbots can do this. Like GPT-3.5, Google Geminis uses the Gemini Pro LLM to run ChatGPT for free. But models differ. Google Gemini’s multimodality aids. Pictures and video interactions are only possible with ChatGPT Plus GPT-4 or later.

Gemini automobile fast.

Visuals with comprehensive text clues are Google AI’s specialty. Like text-to-speech generation, “create” or “generate” tells the chatbot to output something unique instead of online content. Although prompts may be hilarious, avoid spelling and grammar problems. Change the prompt wording and try again.

When I used “generate an image of a futuristic car driving through an old mountain road surrounded by nature,” the photographs were lifelike, making AI interesting to use. Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot had great answers, but they looked like sketches or paintings. Great images, however, the cars and environment didn’t blend as in Google Gemini.

Modern Gemini Dog Poker.
Poker-playing Gemini Dogs 2000.
Gemini Dogs poker in 2020.
Next, I tested other “dogs playing poker” prompts with intriguing results. A few were modern. A few covered the 2000s. Some were 2020-based. After making dog faces on people, I stopped.

Advanced Google Gemini

Google’s $20/mo Google One AI Premium benefits Gemini Advanced chatbot. Gemini Advanced’s Ultra 1.0 language model allows lengthier prompts and context.

Gemini Advanced has AI-enabled Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet. 2TB of storage, Google Photos editing, 10% back in Google Store rewards, Google Meet premium video conferencing, Google Calendar advanced appointment scheduling, VPN by Google One, dark web monitoring, 3% to 10% back, and better customer support.

Try Gemini Advanced risk-free for two months with Google One AI Premium.

Google Gemini Extensions

Chatbot extensions make it a strong search engine, a Gemini shortcut. @ prompts take Gemini to Flights, Hotels, Maps, Gmail, Drive, Docs, or YouTube. Finish your prompt with your assignment. Find Google Docs, summarize YouTube, or check Flights. Enable all desired Extensions in Settings > Extensions.

Managing Gemini activities

Many oppose generative AI for tracking data. To reassure users, Google launched an activity tracker that lets you off data tracking and remove data. Settings prevent Google from accessing restricted data. Delete prompts by hour, day, or custom range. Auto-delete is available every 3, 18, or 36 months. Disable your data and remove your activity history to avoid it.

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