Why you should never pick up the phone when someone asks, “Can you hear me?”

IT experts have issued their advice on the phone scam

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In this day and age, I believe that many of us are guilty of just texting rather than picking up the phone when it rings… It’s much simpler, isn’t it exactly?

Because text messages were not widely available at the time, our parents and grandparents would frequently communicate with one another by simply calling each other.

However, if you are a little bit of a traditionalist and spend a significant amount of time talking on the phone, there are certain terms that you should be wary of.

You should never answer the phone to someone who asks you whether you can hear them if they are calling you.

In the previous year, there has been a staggering 118% increase in the number of phone call scams, as stated in research published by Reader’s Digest.

A phone call might be a bit more difficult to identify as a scam than a text message, but I believe that all of us have experienced some kind of suspicious text message at some point during the previous few months.

According to First Orion, millions of people in the United States have been taken advantage of by con artists who use artificial intelligence to steal their identities and money through phone scams.

According to Adam Gordon, a professor at ITProTV who even runs training in the area of information technology, all phone frauds are “designed to do two things: gain information about you that can be used to copy you [through] identity theft, and get you to provide money to the scammer.”

The question “Can you hear me?” is posed by a recorded voice in one particular kind of phone hoax.

Given that the sentence is intended to deceive the victim into responding with a “yes,” this is the point at which warning bells ought to be on high alert.

“This phone fraud is especially alarming because they simply rely on the human behavior of responding to a quick question,” says Matthew Shirley, head of offensive cybersecurity operations at Fortalice. “This is a particularly frightening phone scam.”

This comes after an iPhone user ‘lost everything’ after downloading a ‘ scam’ program from the program Store.

Over the previous month, a phony cryptocurrency application that claimed to be associated with the Bitcoin wallet Leather was widespread and could be located on the App Store.

Because it was allegedly stealing people’s digital assets, the application was generating widespread confusion throughout the internet.

The software, which was developed by LetalComRu and published by the company, makes use of the Leather brand.

As a result, many people concluded that the application was authentic, and they went on to download it.

Furthermore, the developers of the app also collected phony reviews, which further bolstered the app’s credibility and caused many people to have fewer worries about it.

Since then, Apple has verified to iMore that the bogus software has been deleted from the official app store.

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