Why you’ll soon see more original posts on Instagram


Instagram is going to make big changes to its system in the summer of 2024. Original material will become more important. What’s going to happen and how these changes will impact your Instagram feed are shown below.

Instagram has changed its suggestions so that they focus on original content

Instagram’s CEO, Adam Mosseri, told users on April 30 that the site would be getting two big changes. The first one has to do with seeing more fresh material in suggestions. Both Reels and pictures will be changed by these changes.

Instagram will use a “direct replace” method, Mosseri said. When Instagram finds two pieces of content that are the same, it will try to find the original creator’s post and show it to people who aren’t following that account. Instead of showing repost profiles that don’t improve what they share, it will try to find the original creator’s post and show it to those people.

The second change is that aggregator accounts that post copied material 10 times or more in 30 days will be punished.

What will happen to your Instagram feed now that the recommendations have changed

Now that you know what’s happening on Instagram, let’s take a look at how your feed might change because of these changes.

1. These changes most likely won’t affect the content that people you follow post.

Mosseri said that these changes would only affect posts that are suggested, not accounts that you already follow. This is an interesting fact. You’ll still see content from repeat accounts you follow; they just won’t be able to get in touch with people through suggestions.

Many Instagram users have mentioned that they don’t see as many posts from their friends and family. However, Instagram hasn’t said whether you’ll see more posts from people you follow or fewer suggestions on your home feed. The best way to turn off Instagram’s automated feeds is to use the dropdown menu at the top of the screen and choose Following. You can also choose to get alerts from people you follow when certain accounts catch your eye.

2. You’ll probably find some new and interesting accounts.

There’s no doubt that the accounts you see in your suggestions will change. If everything goes well, you should see more original authors. On its artists page, Instagram said it wants to “give all creators an equal chance of breaking through.” This means that you may also see smaller accounts that weren’t getting much attention before on your feed. You’ll probably find a bigger group of people who share your interests now that there are more original authors.

It looks like Instagram’s algorithm changes will be some of the biggest in recent memory. These changes should probably be good for original content makers. Because share accounts will have to come up with new ways to get more followers, it could also lead to new ideas and creativity. Keep an eye out for these changes as they happen around the world this summer and going forward.

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