With iOS 18, users will be able to move and color app icons as they please.

Users will be able to freely position and customize app icons in iOS 18.


Mark Gurman, a writer for Bloomberg, said in the latest issue of his “Power On” email that iOS 18, the next big update for Apple’s mobile operating system, will add new ways to customize the home screen of the iPhone.

Moving app icons around freely

One of the most important changes is that iOS 18 will let users put app labels anywhere on the home screen, instead of the set grid layout that has been used since the iPhone first came out in 2007. With this new freedom, users will be able to order their apps in more unique and creative ways, like using icons to make designs or pictures.


One of the coolest new things about iOS 18 is that you can now change the color of app buttons. Users will be able to match their apps by color, so they can make all the social media icons blue, all the banking apps green, or any other color scheme they want. Android phones have had this amount of customization for years, but iOS phones will never have it before.


Along with the ability to customize the home screen, Gurman also said that iOS 18 would bring several other important changes, such as:

– Typing up voice memos – Using AI to fix up photos

– Making Safari’s web search better – Adding new AI features


The iOS 18 system is likely to be shown off at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2024. This is where the company shows off the new features and changes that are coming to its software platforms.

After the sneak peek at WWDC, iOS 18 should be available to everyone in the fall, probably at the same time as the iPhone 16 series.

The new ways to customize the home screen, especially the option to change the color of app buttons, are likely to be some of the most important changes in iOS 18. Similar features have been available for years on Android, but Apple’s newest system now has them too. This will give iPhone users more freedom and customization options than ever before.

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