With Meta AI, you can now make AI pictures on WhatsApp.

Now You Can Generate AI Images on WhatsApp with Meta AI


Meta just recently added its AI helper to WhatsApp, which has caused some discussion on social media because it has some unique features and functions.

As MyBroadband says, the AI helper lets people talk to it like they’re talking to a friend. The AI can have normal talks with users, but one of its best benefits is that it can make pictures based on certain commands.

If you type a question like “Imagine a soccer game on Mars,” the Meta AI helper will come up with a picture that fits the challenge. As people type their “Imagine” suggestion, the picture changes, letting them see their idea come to life in real time.

Meta has stressed that its AI picture generation is now “sharper and higher quality” and better at understanding what users type. Users can also choose to add animation to the pictures that are made, which turns them into GIFs.

There are two ways to get to the Meta AI picture generator: on WhatsApp and the web. For now, though, it’s only being used in the United States. When people use WhatsApp, this cool new AI feature gives them a fun and different way to connect with AI, making creative and vivid images through simple talk.

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